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As I was saying the other day, who is the authority on xAPI? ADL, Rustici, some other body? There is a lot of history here, and as with most government projects, it takes a long, long time to get things established or accomplished.

As it turns out, ADL hired Rustici to come up with xAPI which was originally called TinCan API. There is actually a very good article here that explains some of that history.

On multiple occasions over the last 3 years, work that Rustici has done and offered to the community in various ways (OSS or hosted service) has been passed over or recreated. This includes:

The statement above is direct from the Rustici team. So, some people use TinCanJS, some use xAPIWrapper. As far as a statement viewer, that isn’t really a huge deal, but, the actual definitions in the registries along with the ability for anyone to create their own statement (actor/verb/activity), that makes for so many variables. Who knows what to use?

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